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About Melory

Melory, an actress and voice actress, with mixed heritage of Persian and Norwegian roots, is a global artistic citizen. Having lived in various countries worldwide, she has absorbed the diverse cultures surrounding her, fostering a deep appreciation for humanity's multifaceted nature. With a Master's degree in Psychology and training in Screen Acting from Berlin's Catalyst Institute for Creative Arts and Technology, her performances delve into the depths of the human psyche with insight and authenticity. From starring in a prominent ZDF series to appearing in music videos and theater productions, Melory seamlessly transitions between different mediums, leaving a lasting impact on audiences. Her voice acting skills further complement her range as an artist, breathing life into characters across video games, commercials, and documentaries. Currently based in Berlin, she loves playing with her 40 kg mixed breed dog, Boris, swimming in lakes and doing lagree and spinning. Melory's journey as an actress exemplifies her ability to captivate global audiences fluently in her English and German mother tongue with her magnetic presence and vivid portrayals of the human experience.

Height: 171 cm

Hair Color: Brunette

Eyes Color: Brown & Green


Location: Berlin, DE

Special Skills & Languages

Vorsicht Falle! | ZDF | 2020

Lead Actress

Das Netz | ARD | 2021



Lives of the Party | Sylvia Schwarz | 2023

Lead Actress





English (native)
German (native)

Spanish (good)
Farsi (basic)


Valorant Champion | Riot Games | 2021

Club Visitor

Short Films
Training & Workshops

Catalyst Institute for Creative Arts and Technology | Screen Acting | Marcio Reolon & Sylvia Schwarz

Institution | Workshop Name | Instructor

Institution | Workshop Name | Instructor


Bumper | Peacock / Sky | 2022



Bumper | Peacock / Sky | 2022

Music Videos

Summer Cem - Flex So Hard | Max Braun | 2022


Woman - Queen | IT'S US | 2022


Jewelz030 - I love you | Sophi Bürger | 2022

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